How do I know if it’s time to divorce my spouse?

Every marriage goes through tough times. Whether it means dealing with issues like infertility, finances, in-laws or illness, couples daily fight their ways through, and many make it to the other side stronger and more committed than ever.

However, sometimes a Florida couple is dealing with matters of behavior. If your spouse’s actions are causing the conflict in your marriage, you may be fighting an uphill battle and forcing yourself to changes in ways that do not make you comfortable. Such situations may affect your physical and emotional health, and you may find that you spent a lot of energy trying to fix a problem that has no resolution.

One-sided changes?

Struggling couples may take suggested steps, such as marital counseling, trial separations or even having a child. Some marriage experts understand the desire to wait as long as possible for your spouse to make the changes it will take to save your marriage. Sometimes, these efforts pay off, but how do you know when it is time to give up the fight and break free to start a new life of your own? You may find that enough is enough when you can answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Do you live in fear of your spouse’s actions?
  • Are you constantly making excuses for your spouse’s behavior?
  • Does your spouse require you to become a person you do not like?
  • Have you given up your individuality, your goals for yourself, your plans for the future because of your spouse’s demands?
  • Does your spouse isolate you from friends, family or other support systems?
  • Is getting a divorce something you think about frequently?

A marriage that brings little happiness and excessive worry over the same problems can be unhealthy and futile to remain in. After all, you should not be the only one willing to change if your spouse is not willing to give up the behaviors that cause the stress in your marriage. In fact, many marriage experts advise spouses to take steps to end the marriage without going through the usual attempts at recovery if their spouses are abusive, addicted to drugs, alcohol or pornography, or are habitually unfaithful.

Each marriage is different and each situation unique. No counselor, attorney or blog article can make the decision for you. However, when you know the time is right to leave your marriage, there are many critical factors to consider to ensure you leave safely and have a chance at a secure future. Seeking answers and information is the best first step to take.

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