Factors to consider when negotiating a commercial lease

Florida business owners know how difficult it can be to find commercial property that will work for their company. Factors to consider include the location of the property, rent prices and more. Once you find the right place, it is then important to negotiate the right terms for your lease.

The terms of most commercial leases are negotiable, which means that you can likely work with the landlord to secure a fair contract that does not expose you to unnecessary risk and the potential for complications. Before you sign on the dotted line, it is beneficial to carefully consider the terms of the lease and negotiate where necessary. Doing this can save you time, money and stress in the future. 

What should be in your lease?

When negotiating a lease, it is beneficial to think about what will work well both now and in the future for your company. A lease can affect your business for years, and it is smart to be certain you are not agreeing to things that could be harmful down the road. Some things you may want to consider in your lease include the following: 

  • How long the lease will last – In your lease, it is smart to ensure you know exactly how long your least will last. You may also want to include terms for lease renewal or early termination.
  • The amount of rent – You need to know exactly what you can expect to pay in rent as well as whether or not you will face any rent increases in the future.
  • Changes to the space – If the space you want to lease needs repairs or changes to make it work for your business, the lease terms should address that. Terms should outline which party is financially responsible for changes and what you can do to improve the space.

What is included or not included in a commercial lease matters. You would be wise to think about how you can protect your current and future interests during negotiations. 

Taking steps now to protect your company

Commercial lease negotiation can be a daunting prospect for you as a business owner. You may find it helpful to discuss what you want with a commercial real estate attorney before you sign any type of lease agreement. From contract review to the creation of a workable, fair lease agreement, it is best for you and the health of your business to be prudent and cautious as you move forward.

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