Good employee contracts lead to good employee relationships

As a Florida business owner, you understand that one of the most important steps you can take is to actively work to avoid legal complications before they arise. You can do this through strong and enforceable contracts, including employee contracts. These documents can actually help make the relationships between employer and employee better. 

One of the most significant benefits of employee contracts is that it clearly defines the relationship between you and the people who work for you. You can define roles, outline obligations and explain how things work – all of which will reduce the chance of complications and disputes with your employees down the road. It is in your interests to ensure your employee contracts are reasonable and will hold up under scrutiny.

What’s in your contracts?

What goes into your employee contracts matters. First, it is important to be clear and thorough, and both sides should be able to understand the terms they are agreeing to. The specific details of your employee contracts depend on your goals for your company and what type of business you have. It may be prudent to include terms that pertain to the following:

  • Vacation days and procedures for asking for time off
  • Sick day policies
  • Job requirements, obligations and duties
  • How long the term of employment will last and the salary you will receive
  • Any benefits included with the job, such as health insurance
  • Nondisclosure clauses and noncompete terms
  • Procedures by which an employee can bring concerns and handle disputes

This is not a complete list, but it can provide you with a basic understanding of what you need to include for full protection for your interests, as well as those of your employees.

Clear and thorough contracts can also provide security and peace of mind of your employees as well. They provide a complete explanation of their rights, as well as what they can expect from you as the employer 

Start in the right place

If you do not have employee contracts in place, you would be wise to consider the benefits of drafting these types of agreements. Legal contracts are complex, and you will find significant benefit in working with an attorney who can help you understand how to proceed. 

If you already have employee contracts, it may be prudent to take the time to carefully review these contracts and ensure they are complete and able to withstand scrutiny in the event of a dispute.

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