Co-parenting apps and other digital tools for divorce

| Apr 24, 2020 | Divorce

During this digital day in age, a mobile phone is all you need to ease communication-related tension with current and former family members and lead a more organized life.

Whether your relationship with your ex-spouse is on rocky or solid ground, your children should be your priority. Thankfully, there are a plethora of apps and digital tools that you and your ex can utilize to remain civil, financially organized and on top of your custody schedule.

In the palm of your hand

The way our cell phones have almost become an extension of our hands has both its ups and downs. Sometimes the information overload that comes along with having a mobile device ready to access at any moment can cause an instant headache. But, the beauty of having a large selection of apps to help with digital parenting, is you can always download a few, try them out, keep the ones that work and toss out the others.

Scheduling & financing

There are free and subscription-based tools you can use to manage both the activities and appointments you plan for your kids as well as your custody schedule.

Google Calendar is a no-cost option that you can use create collaborative calendars and send out invites or notifications. It’s also easy to sync Google Calendar events and tasks with your personal online calendars.

There are also subscription-based apps, like 2Houses, that allow you to create color-coded custody schedules and organize shared, child-related expenses. Keep in mind that most apps that require a membership fee come with a free trial.

Both scheduling and financial apps allow you and your spouse keep each other in the loop without having to interrupt with call or text.

Communication aids

Social media and messaging apps can also help you effectively co-parent and stay bonded with your children even while they aren’t under your roof.

It’s totally understandable if you don’t want to be “friends” with your ex on social media. But using Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat to share photo updates of your children can help you feel more connected to your kids. Most social media apps come with private messaging features, so you don’t have to plaster these photos all over public pages. Plus, social media notifications are often perceived as a less intrusive than a ringing phone.

If communication with your ex is more of a pain-in-the-neck experience, you can use a mediation app like CoParenter to settle disagreements. Through the app, parents can chat with AI to help navigate typical custody issues. If the dispute is beyond the scope of the AI technology, parents can receive a referral for a live professional within the app.

Working with a divorce attorney can also help you take legal measures to find common ground with your ex while keeping your children at the forefront.

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