Tips for getting through a divorce

| Jul 14, 2020 | Divorce

Individuals going through a divorce in Florida will likely hear a lot of tips about how to move on, not all of which are solicited. Not every piece of advice works for everyone, so it is fine to pick and choose. There are, however, a couple of rules that should be taken seriously. For instance, people with children should never complain about the other parent to their kids since this will only harm the kids and parent-child relationships.

Another thing that everyone should strive towards is keeping calm when in the courtroom. Ideally, anyone getting a divorce should try not to let his or her emotions control the marital property division process, but it is especially important to leave one’s emotions at the door when in front of the judge. Losing one’s cool in court can make a person look bad, which could be harmful in the long run if the judge ultimately needs to decide how the property will be split.

Most people going through a divorce can benefit from having a strong support system of family and/or friends. Getting together with loved ones and doing something fun is a better distraction than some unhealthy habits that people may develop during the divorce process, such as drinking too much.

In general, people should focus their energy on helping themselves rather than on hating their exes. This could involve talking to a therapist or joining a gym. Staying healthy can help a person’s mood and outlook at a time when everything seems bleak.

Another tip is to find a sympathetic divorce lawyer. Being a family law attorney requires patience, and someone who does not understand that a client is going through an emotionally challenging time may not be a good fit.

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