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Employment And Labor Law

Claims against employers continue to dominate the litigation landscape, as political sensibilities continue to favor employees over employers. Claims of disability, race, national origin, sex, age, religious discrimination and retaliation claims of all kinds are being filed at an unprecedented rate. In addition, employers are finding it necessary to protect themselves against unfair competition through the use of employment agreements, including noncompetition, nonsolicitation and nondisclosure agreements. The result is that navigating the world of the employer-employee relationship has become significantly more complicated than it was even a decade ago.

For employers in Daytona Beach and the surrounding Florida areas, Cobb Cole is a law firm that provides sound legal counsel, guidance and legal service through this challenging time. Failure to handle a dispute, lawsuit or other legal matter involving employees can be deadly to an otherwise thriving business. The diverse, experienced attorneys of Cobb Cole can protect your legal interests, help you avoid exposure and defend your rights in litigation if needed.

Robust, Comprehensive Legal Services For Employers

Cobb Cole‘s employment and labor law practice section offers its employer clients’ cost-effective representation in all aspects of state and federal employee-related legal matters. Cobb Cole deploys its lawyers in virtually all areas of the employment law practice, including:

  • Claims of employment discrimination before federal and state courts and administrative agencies
  • Determining and enforcing employers’ rights under collective bargaining agreements
  • Employment issues arising from acquisitions and reductions in force
  • Executive and employee agreements
  • Compensation and separation
  • Wage and hour regulation

The firm handles legal disputes through mediation whenever possible, but also has a wealth of experience fighting to protect clients’ rights in the courtroom.

Call 386-255-8171 or contact the firm online to discuss your employment law needs with an experienced attorney from Cobb Cole.