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Governmental Law

For better or worse, the government is a regular part of any individual or business. Without proper attention to compliance issues, tax matters and countless other government-related issues, an otherwise thriving business can be ruined, and one mistake on a tax return can be extremely costly for an individual.

Any government agency or administrative office is going to be inefficient and complicated to deal with. Make sure you work with an experienced team of lawyers that knows how to navigate the complex government red tape and protect your interests.

Located in Daytona Beach, Florida, Cobb Cole‘s governmental law practice section offers general representation for businesses and individuals before all federal, state, regional and local governmental bodies. The governmental law practice section also provides representation for governmental agencies in areas including legislative relations, lobbying, local and regional government, governmental contracting, and public law and constitutional matters.

On both state and local levels, the attorneys in Cobb Cole‘s governmental law practice section draw on years of governmental practice and have previously represented both private and public clients before all branches of state government, as well as in governmental matters before local government and its related agencies. Attorneys in the governmental law practice section also serve as special counsel to governmental entities on issues relating to land use regulations and other real estate issues, governance structure, impact fees and municipal finance.

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