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Tax Law

The United States Tax Code is one of the most complicated documents in the English language. Tax laws are in an almost constant state of change, and clients need representation that stays current with those changes and adapts to the new challenges they present. For a thriving business or corporation in particular, tax law can be extremely dangerous. One small mistake or oversight in reporting, a misclassification of an employee or other oversight could be detrimental to a business’s bottom line.

The smart choice is to work with an experienced team of lawyers that has thorough knowledge of tax laws and experience handling a range of tax matters for businesses and individuals.

In Daytona Beach, Florida, the law firm Cobb Cole has been representing clients in all types of tax law matters and other legal practice areas since 1925. In addition to the firm’s distinction and reputation for quality representation, Cobb Cole boasts a wide range of legal practice areas among its attorneys. Tax law has an impact on almost every other area of law, so the firm’s diversity is critical to identifying overlapping legal issues and protecting clients’ interests.

Cobb Cole‘s tax practice section has years of experience, graduate education and training in handling all aspects of clients’ tax representation and planning needs. Whether a client is in need of advance planning to minimize the federal or state tax effects of a transaction, business organization or reorganization, or has already run afoul of the government’s taxing authorities, Cobb Cole‘s tax practice section is prepared to help the client reach a possible resolution. The firm also helps clients navigate the complex tax implications of estate planning and real estate law.

The attorneys of Cobb Cole can handle the most complex tax-related legal issues. Call 386-255-8171 or contact this firm to schedule a consultation with an attorney from the firm.