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Start with the right steps when starting a small business

Owning and operating a small business is part of the American dream for many Florida entrepreneurs. If this is part of your dream, it would be wise for you to take certain steps before jumping right in. With thoughtful preparation and experienced legal guidance, you can set your business up in a way that lays the foundation for your success long into the future.

There are various legal steps you have to take as you start a business. From choosing an entity to writing a business plan, there are many things to consider as you prepare. It can be helpful to first secure appropriate guidance as you navigate some of these issues and decisions.

Has work changed since your boss learned you're pregnant?

You might be one of many Florida residents who loves going to work every day. Perhaps, you're one of the few who, since childhood, dreamed of working in particular field, then actually brought that dream to fruition. If so, you'd likely agree with those who say work is a blessing, and they're grateful for their jobs. Even if you like your job, however, it's highly unlikely that every single day will be perfect. Like all working environments, yours probably has its ups and downs.

If the downs are becoming more frequent, and you believe it has something to do with the fact that you recently shared the wonderful news of your pregnancy with your boss, you are definitely not alone, as many women across the nation have experienced unfair negative consequences related to pregnancy  in the workplace.

Top 2 ways to keep assets away from your creditors when you die


In most instances, when we die, our estate goes through what’s known as the probate process. The probate process involves many steps. First, our assets and debts are established. Then, taxes and other debts are paid to our creditors. After that, our assets are distributed to our heirs or designated beneficiaries.

Understanding property division in a divorce

Whether through a family inheritance, a startup business entity that has grown substantially through the years or a profitable rental property empire - some couples who end up filing for divorce have significant assets to divide.

In the state of Florida, marital property is part of the marital estate and subject to equitable distribution. Alternately, absent any written agreement, non-marital or separate property stays with the original owner and does not get divided.

However, property division in a divorce gets tricky when nonmarital assets are comingled with marital property.

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